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training and behavior center

behavior center

The Leibeekhoeve offers you the following possibilities for training your dog.

Training in our centre:
It means that your dog stays here in our training center for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, during
this time we solve the problem or train your dog for OK obedience, heel, sit, lay down, lay down stay, sit and wait, coming and sit, or your own wishes.

1 week : € 320
2 weeks : € 595
3 weeks : € 840

Private lesson
We escort you, with your dog, so that we get a good visibility on the mutual relation
between handler and dog. During such training can we steer the behaviour of dog
and handler very specifically.
On visit by our professional expert
Do you have specific problems with your dog, let us know and make an appointment. During our talk we analyse the problem, and tell you witch program
your dog needs or what you can do to solve the problem.

Maintain of the obedience ofyour dog, teaching new commands on your dog underleading of a professional dogtrainer.